Hope this inspires all youngsters to work hard, says Kyle Mayers of his unbeaten 210

West Indies debutant Kyle Mayers, who had a superb double century against Bangladesh to win his country’s test, hopes his shot will inspire young people to work hard. West Indies managed to chase the highest fourth inning score in Asia of 395 for the fall of seven wickets and debutant Kyle Mayers broke many records with his 210 steps on just 310 deliveries.

Bonner’s 86 helped a bit, and other than that it was a one-man show from the West Indies who hit 20 fours and 7 sixes up their sleeves. The West Indies had a lot of senior players who pulled out of the Bangladesh series and this victory will be a big moment for all West Indian fans.

They were beaten by Bangladesh in all departments until day four, and a victory looked unlikely on the final day with 285 points left. The two newbies Mayers and Bonner sewed a partnership of 216 races to pull things off for the West Indies and make history.

Kyle Mayers and Nkrumah Bonner (Image credit: Twitter)

I am always a positive person – Kyle Mayers

Kyle Mayers expressed his joy after winning the man of the match award which he always thinks positively and the locker room talks should never give up and fight until the end. He mentioned in particular the support of the technical staff during the pursuit on a difficult ground for the teams on tour. He also said he felt good not to end in a pursuit with a double century in his debut and added that this effort will inspire many young people to take on the tough yards.

“I am still a positive person. I still believe in my abilities and in a team, and I have always been positive [to finish the chase], “We never gave up. We always said in the locker room that we have to keep fighting. The captain and coach also told the bowlers that you need to keep fighting on a field like this. Shannon [Gabriel] go to great lengths to show the way. “

“It’s a great feeling to play Test Cricket. Then to go on and score a century, then to make a double, then win that test. I want to thank my teammates, my coaches and my family back home. A guy who makes his debut and gets a double should inspire all young people to work hard and reach that level ”. Kyle Mayers said.

Kyle Mayers, West Indies, Bangladesh
Kyle Mayers. (Photo: Twitter)

Kraig Braithwaite believed in this team

Kraig Braithwaite had said he was very confident that the team would be doing well when coming for the tour. He said he believed in his team throughout the five days. He said he lost momentum yesterday after losing three wickets, but the pitch helped a lot to cross the line by playing really well.

“I won’t say it was an exhausted side. I was very confident starting with this side. We were upgraded in 2018 and we were convinced that we would do better this time around ”.

“I believed in this team from day one. It’s just about believing in ourselves and supporting our plans, and that’s what we did until the fifth day. We lost some momentum with three wickets last night, but the field was playing well. We knew it was an open game. We trusted our plans, and Bonner and Mayers have shown that they can stick to the plans and make them work. ” Brathwaite said.

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Kraig Braithwaite (credits – AFP)

Kyle Mayers hopes for big performances like his knock-in Bangladesh and it will be a good prospect for the future of nations.

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