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Mohd Azharuddin. (Photo YOU)

HYDERABAD: The administrative standoff in the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) continues. In a controversial move, Secretary R Vijayanand appointed Mr. Narayana as a special duty officer on Thursday morning (OSD) to the ombudsman Justice (retired) Nisar Ahmed Kukur and Justice Ethics Counselor (retired) T Meena Kumar. President Mohd Azharuddin described the appointment as “ illegal and in serious violation of the rules and procedures established by the Lodha reforms and approved by the short Supreme“.
“He (Narayana) will be available during office hours and all complaints will be received by him and the same will be referred to the ombudsperson and ethics officer as appropriate,” reads a communication from the secretary to members. of HCA.
The appointment of an ombudsman and an ethics counselor was a bone of contention, as two groups appointed different judges to the post. Recently, it was stated in court in Ranga Reddy that “the Ombudsman and ethics officials have not taken the lead.”
HCA also requested clarification of the High Court judgment by filing a Request for special leave (SLP) to the Supreme Court, which is awaiting registration. “When officials haven’t yet taken care of, what was the need to appoint an OSD for them,” asked a club secretary.
Hitting the secretary, Azharuddin gave three reasons why the appointment was out of order.
1. Under Rule 19 (2) and Rule 24 (13), the power to establish guidelines and manage the day-to-day affairs of the association rests with the CEO. The secretary cannot assume the powers of the CEO and therefore the order is in violation of the rules.
2. The General Assembly meeting on April 11 ratified the appointment of Judge (ret’d) Deepak Verma as mediator as required by rule 8 (3) (f). Any other name proposed as an ombudsman is illegal and against the rules.
3. Five members of the Apex Council, including the Secretary, face an investigation by the Ombudsman under Rule 41 (1) (b) of the CHA Constitution.
“I have been waging a battle for 18 months to prevent the illegality in the functioning of HCA because I believe it is my responsibility to restore clean delivery to the body. The cleansing must begin from the inside and the top of the body. structure and to do this I need the support of each of my colleagues. I ask you all to ignore the illegal communication from the secretary, “Azharuddin wrote to the club secretaries.


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