From Suresh Raina’s withdrawal to short-term mess: the IPL 2020 controversies

The IPL 2020 is now coming to an end with only the final between the Indians of Mumbai and the capitals of Delhi being played on Tuesday. Besides the fun and haunting performances, the tournament also sparked some controversy.

1. Raina’s return to India

Suresh Raina has decided to quit the team before the season opens. (DEPOSIT)

Just before the start of the IPL 2020, Suresh Raina, who was working hard to make the Chennai Super Kings squad ahead of the season, returned to India. His return from the UAE has led to much speculation as to whether something is wrong with the CSK camp. Although team management and Raina himself cited personal reasons behind the move, rumors that Raina had a fit for not getting a hotel room with a balcony have not died down. Soon after, Raina condemned the controversy by confirming that he had returned because of his family.

2. Anushka Sharma criticized the little master

From Suresh Raina's withdrawal to short-term mess: the IPL 2020 controversies Sunil Gavaskar, in his remark, appeared to be referring to the viral video of Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli playing cricket on their patio during the lockdown. (Photos: Anushka Sharma / Instagram and Express Archives)

In the game between KXIP and RCB, on-air Sunil Gavaskar commented on Virat Kohli’s lack of preparation during the lockdown. Referring to a viral video of Anushka Sharma bowling at Kohli within the compound of the building, Gavaskar said, “Kohli only faced Anushka’s bowling alley during the lockdown.” After this comment, Anushka took to social media and slammed Gavaskar for his unpleasant remark. Subsequently, Gavaskar clarified that his comment was misinterpreted and was not derogatory.

3. The short-term mess

ipl, ipl 2020, dc vs kxip short term, Replays showed it wasn’t a short term, but referee Nitin Menon had something else on his mind. (Twitter)

In the DC-KXIP game at the start of the campaign, the Punjab were chasing a total of 158 points and Mayank Agarwal was hitting brilliantly. In the last over, when Mayank and Chris Jordan wanted to steal a couple, the referee on the field, Nitin Menon, thought that Jordan had not crossed the crease in the first set, then he declared it short. . This decision went against Punjab and the game was tied. Punjab lost the match in the Super Over.

4. Aakash Chopra vs. James Neesham

IPL 2020, Jimmey Neesham, Aakash Chopra Neesham pointed to Chopra’s T20 numbers in response. (BCCI / FILE)

Aakash Chopra, the former Indian cricketer and commentator, was not happy with KXIP’s decision to play James Neesham and expressed his displeasure in one of his YouTube videos. He went ahead and said the all-rounder was ‘not a match winner’. When pointed out by a fan on Twitter, James Neesham hit back by saying, “Averaging 18.5 and hitting 90 doesn’t win a lot of games either,” while poking fun at IPL’s career. Chopra.

5. Ashwin lets Finch go with a warning

From Suresh Raina's withdrawal to short-term mess: the IPL 2020 controversies R Ashwin stops before releasing the ball as RCB opener Aaron Finch comes out of the crease on the non-attacking side. (Screenshot)

The mankading debate came to light again when Ravichandran Ashwin gave Aaron Finch a warning for leaving his crease in DC’s clash against RCB on October 5 in Dubai. The incident occurred in the third part of the Bangalore innings when Finch came out of his crease at the non-attacking end. But to everyone’s surprise, Ashwin decided not to fire Finch and let him go with a warning. After the match, Ashwin even took to social media and reacted to the incident: “Let’s be clear !! First and last warning for 2020. I make it official and don’t blame myself later. @RickyPonting #runout #nonstriker @ AaronFinch5 and I are good friends by the way. “

6. The arbitrator reconsiders his decision

From Suresh Raina's withdrawal to short-term mess: the IPL 2020 controversies

The IPL 2020 has had its fair share of arbitration controversies. In particular, referee Paul Reiffel found himself in the crosshairs during the match between CSK and SRH. During the 19th of the SRH pursuit, MS Dhoni and Shardul Thakur expressed disappointment after referee Reiffel reached out to signal a wide. Even though the replays showed the ball to be clearly outside the wide tramline, the referee changed his mind and overturned his original decision after talismanic Dhoni protested behind the wickets.

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