For Krunal and I, the lockdown last year was a phase of improvement, it made us brutally honest: Hardik Pandya | Cricket News

One of the immediate byproducts of last year’s lockdown was that families were spending a lot of time together in their homes. Across India, families suddenly spent a lot of time together. For those who usually don’t have the opportunity to spend too much time with their family, this was an opportunity to make up for lost time.
Like most Indians, cricketers Krunal and Hardik Pandya also spent a lot of family time during the lockdown.
the Pandia brothers were the guests on Episode 1 of Times of India’s brand new sports podcast – India time Sports broadcast and in a freewheeling conversation, Krunal and Hardik talked about several things including their careers, how it was their father’s vision and support that got them to where they are now, life on and on. off the pitch, the Covid situation, how they are helping people, especially in rural areas, and much more.
This is an excerpt …
Speaking about the current situation the world finds itself in, Krunal said – “What we achieved, like last time, also when there was a lockdown, as a country, as a world, we are going through one of the most difficult times in terms of what’s going on outside. This year too, with the cancellation of the IPL. It was unfortunate. It was a concern, in fact, the way whose cases were escalating in India. So obviously it’s been a very, very difficult time in terms of what we’re facing as a country. ” On the Times of India podcast – Sportscast.
Hardik meanwhile explained how the brothers used the lockdown period last year to improve themselves in all facets of life.
“Last year that (the lockdown) helped us improve as individuals as a whole. For us it was more important because we could spend time on our skills, we were able to improve our physical condition because we had the time and by the grace of God we have a gym where we can also train. And we have to spend time with each other. As individuals we are very honest with each other. So if something was wrong with Krunal, I told him. If something was wrong with me, he said. For us it was a improvement phase and our goals changed in life. We had so much time that we talked about everything from our cricket to our lives. the lockdown period made us brutally honest. ” Hardik said on the new Times of India – Sportscast podcast.
The brothers also spoke about their father who played an invaluable role in supporting them and helping them to become and succeed in cricketers.
“We have always said that whatever we are and wherever we are is because of our father’s struggle and vision. When I was six and Hardik was 3 or 4, we only had never imagined playing for India or whatever we want to do in life. That was his vision. He saw me and said to me, “My kids will play for India”. Krunal said on the Times of India Sportscast podcast.
Listen to a clip from the Pandya brothers talking about the time they spent with their father before he passed away earlier this year:

The Pandya brothers on the TOI Sportscast podcast

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