“Every two days he watched me”

Dhoni was not yet the team captain but made sure Raina was in a good state of mind.

MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina. (Photo source: Twitter)

Almost every Indian cricketer who has played under MS Dhoni has a story to tell about this man. Dhoni is known to be a captain and a player who has always supported his teammates and this, in turn, has helped him gain a lot of respect and trust from the players. Suresh Raina, too, has always praised Dhoni and shared several examples about him.

Dhoni made his debut for the Indian team in December 2004 and seven months later Raina played his first ODI. Most players’ cricket careers are affected by injury at one point or another. Although the injury is sometimes minor, sometimes it even puts the player’s career at risk. Recounting such a knee injury, which ruled Raina out of the 2007 T20 World Cup, he said Dhoni was in constant contact with him.

“When I was injured in 2007, he only told me that you were too young to have an operation. Take your time. He wasn’t even the captain at the time, but he was telling me things. I didn’t play for a year and a half due to a knee injury and every other day he was watching me, asking me what the doctors had said and what the solution was, ”Raina said during an interaction with News24 Sports.

The special bond between Suresh Raina and MS Dhoni

In the interaction, Raina said he received support from many other senior members of the squad namely Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and even BCCI, but Dhoni was there for him all the time. Dhoni was not yet the team captain but made sure Raina was in a good mood.

“As a player, teammate, brother, he was always very keen to know. It really inspired me that I would be representing India soon. I thought I had to work hard on my game, my knee. I didn’t know if I would ever play for India again, ”added Raina.

The duo have played a lot of cricket between India and the Chennai Super Kings. The fact that Raina announced her international retirement alongside Dhoni shows the special bond the two have shared over the years. As we approach the second half of the 2021 IPL, it would be intriguing to see Dhoni and Raina in yellow again.

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