England seek 600-700 first-set total in Chennai: Joe Root

Virat Kohli helping his counterpart Joe Root cope with the cramps has become one of the highlights of the opening day, but this act of “good sportsmanship” will not prevent the English skipper from cashing in his memorable hundred and run after a total of first innings of around 600-700 on day 2.

Going to bat, England finished the first day with a promising 263 for three with Root scoring a fine century in his 100th Test. He struck with remarkable fluidity, whether it was tackling the Indian spinners or the reverse swing generated by the pacers.

Speaking to the media in a post-game virtual interaction, Root said he would be ready for more on Saturday.

“Yeah, I’m ready for more tomorrow… I hope to come back, a little frustrating, very kind of Virat (Kohli) to help me (with cramps), good sportsmanship on his part… It’s just like a long day and after a few more I get liquids and I cool down.

About the surface and felt how many points could be scored, Root said, “We have to look and try to get as many as 600-700 as possible if we can, really trying to make the most of the firsts. sleeves to make it good and these four overs are trying to work fast.

“So if we can get to all of tomorrow or maybe the third day, then things might pick up pretty quickly for us and you never know what can happen from there …

Root was in great shape in the previous series against Sri Lanka, but said conditions could not be compared to India.

“.. It was a really impressive start for us and we have to make it count and that is going to be the challenge of this tour, we have to beat long stretches in these conditions.

“Different challenges, I think in Sri Lanka there was obviously a little more lateral moment, more spin, whereas here it was more about trying to counter the rebound initially against the spinners and obviously contesting the reverse swing of the seamstresses.

“So it was very different and it’s always difficult to try to put two against the other,” he added.

Hitting on 128, Root stressed the importance of continuing.

“Playing the 100th Test was special and I mean coming in in good form and I have to make sure I take advantage… In my career, I haven’t always been going to score really big so for me to go and do this is currently really nice …

“And I keep putting myself in a position to make hundreds of dollars and I have to keep taking them and we’re going to win more games if I do that and so I hope I can play tomorrow personally but most of all we can have a bat tomorrow. and we can be in a strong position in this game.

The England captain praised opener Dominic Sibley, who made a stubborn 87.

“Yeah, it was a fantastic round today… coming from Sri Lanka, a few question marks about it. Against a high quality attack and reverse swing it was impressive. must also take a lot of heart for the rest of the series, ”he added. When asked if he had made any technical changes to his game lately, he said: “I have looked at a few areas of my game and looked at some trends in how I was dating at certain points in my games. innings and I’m trying to root it out, try to make things better and evolve as a player and at the moment it seems to be working well, then the challenge can we continue, can I improve all the time.

He was surprised by his teammates Thursday night before his 100th Test.

“Yeah… that was very special last night the guys (had a) surprise for me and said videos of former players, friends and family and Ben (Stokes) in particular stood up and said really kind words, then to come today and for us, we start a series like we did, it could not have been better… ”

“… We had a little bang at the end (Sibley exiting) so I really hope we can build on that tomorrow and glad things are going the way we want to,” he said.

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