End this creepy locker room environment, says Amir

Former pacemaker Mohammad Amir, who recently retired from international cricket due to his differences with the leadership of the national team, called on Thursday for an end to the “scary” locker room culture in Pakistan cricket.

“Give the players some space and freedom. End this scary environment in the dressing room, these same players are going to win you games,” he told media.

Amir had retired last month after alleging he had been “mentally tortured” by the management of the national team, which included head coach Misbah-ul-Haq and bowling coach Waqar Younis.

Mohammad Amir blames Misbah and Waqar for his decision to retire at 28

The left-handed pacemaker said he was abandoned by the side for personal issues and not because of his performance.

“The problem isn’t the performance, I know I can make a comeback, but it’s the mental torture they put you through,” he said.

The 28-year-old said if coaches were to talk about performances they should tell him why he was dropped the next day after taking 21 wickets in the Bangladesh Premier League.

“If it’s not a personal question, then what is it?”

He also dismissed Misbah’s remarks about his declining speed.

“My speed dropped because I wasn’t completely fit and tired. When I went to Premier League Lanka I was cool and played 145 km / h,” he said.

Amir also searched Misbah and Waqar saying he couldn’t play with coaches with different mindsets.

“A coach says speed doesn’t matter, what’s important is taking 20 wickets (Waqar made the remarks on Thursday when asked about bowlers’ lack of speed in New Zealand) and the other coach says speed is important in international cricket (Misbah said. Who should we believe? “First think about what you mean by trying to teach Amir.” He was reacting to them. recent comments from Misbah and Waqar after returning from New Zealand.

Both coaches in their interactions with the media spoke at length about the statements Amir made about them and his accusation that he decided not to play international cricket due to the mental torture caused by them.

Waqar said he was “hurt by Amir’s statement”.

Amir incident will negatively impact Pakistan team: Inzamam

“It’s unfortunate that he made such a statement and the way he came out of (international) cricket. He’s a wonderful cricketer and I have always argued his case in front of Najam Sethi (former president of the CCP I also spoke to (the national team)) when he organized a comeback in 2016 to welcome him again (after the spot-fixing scandal of 2010), ”Waqar said in Lahore.

Waqar also said he felt “ sad ” after reading Amir’s statements about him and insisted that the left arm pacemaker had been dropped for the New Zealand tour due to ‘poor shape and physical form.

“He’s in our plans and if he starts playing again he can be back on the squad.” Asked about the two coaches’ remarks, Amir said: “I’m glad he (Waqar) felt sad and bad because at least he will realize how much someone’s statement can hurt you like I felt it when he made statements about my decision to retire from Test Cricket. “” I didn’t say anything wrong and I only said the truth, nothing else. Amir said he was mentally tortured after reading Misbah and Waqar’s statements where they blamed him and said he dropped the team for defeat in Australia.

“They also said that I didn’t want to play test cricket and his decision had nothing to do with managing the workload. I was hurt by such comments and they caused me a mental anguish, ”he said.

Amir said he was now being given lessons that he should go and play national cricket and get back to his form and a place on the team.

“I think a player knows what is best for him and where he should play national cricket or league cricket,” he said.

The stimulator, who has been banned for match-fixing for five years, said no one needed to tutor him on patience.

“We know patience better than I do. Because for five years I was not allowed to touch the cricket ball.

“I have waited five years to start playing cricket again and when I haven’t lost courage and patience, do you think I will do it now just because I am not playing well,” Amir said.

Amir said there are many Pakistani cricket legends who have made several returns to the team.

“Whether it’s Younis Khan, Muhammad Yousuf or Shahid Afridi, they’ve all made a number of comebacks so I’m not worried, I know that if we play, he can make a comeback.”

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