Changes around the reason for the Super Kings turnaround: Stephen Fleming

Chennai Super Kings coach Stephen Fleming said a change in attitude has meant a change in fortunes for his franchise, which suffered a forgettable IPL last year, and his goal this season has been to play a brand of faster cricket.

CSK have been on a roll this year, losing just one of their six games so far, which has taken them to the top of the points table. Their fifth consecutive triumph came last night against SunRisers Hyderabad.

“It was difficult in the United Arab Emirates (the last IPL site). We had a pretty bad race. A lot of things went against us that we didn’t do too much at the time, ”said Fleming.

“We made a few changes in our attitude towards what we were doing, and then we were really sure what style we wanted to play before this year’s IPL,” he added.

“We had to play a faster game, we had to keep evolving if we weren’t in Chennai. And that’s what we’re trying to do; we are by no means the finished product, but we are playing well right now.

Fleming said last season had its fair share of lessons for the franchise, which failed to advance to the playoffs for the first time since the league’s inception.

“… In the offseason we just looked at the players who could fit in and do a job – not just in Chennai but under conditions that were still a bit foreign. The attitude is also changing, ”he said.

Fleming praised versatile Ravindra Jadeja, who entered the IPL after missing months of cricket following injury in Australia, and said he was close to reaching the top of its powers.

“We don’t have a management group. He is a key member of the team. He is undoubtedly near the peak of his powers. He still works very hard, ”he added.

“Our doubts were about his lack of cricket heading into the tournament so we had to work really hard to bring him up to speed. He did it by hitting a lot of balls and training really hard and he started to accelerate really quickly, ”Fleming revealed.

Important that we do not lose confidence or patience: Bayliss

David Warner (R) with coach Trevor Bayliss (C) and Jonny Bairstow (L) during the nets. (Source: Twitter / @ Sunrisers)

Sunrisers Hyderabad head coach Trevor Bayliss believes it is important that his team do not lose “confidence or patience” after their fifth loss in six games in the current IPL.

Bayliss said there was no reason his team couldn’t bounce back.

“I mean if you watch our first five games. The first four matches were lost by just 10 points. I just got down to a little drop or two here and there, a failed field there, a few bad or bad overs. Obviously, tonight, we were pretty well beaten.

“What’s important is that we don’t lose our confidence or our patience, stick together and keep working hard. T20 is a type of game, going one way or the other. There’s no reason we can’t do like what we did last year, ”Bayliss said after SRH descended to CSK through 7 wickets here on Wednesday.

SRH is in last place in the points standings with a victory in six matches.

He said the team often had to make a change or two and would do their best to keep a team stable.

“We would love to sit down and have a chat. One of the things is not to make too many changes. When we were in Chennai, at this wicket, 1 or 2 injured, one or two guys were not performing.

“We often had to make 1 or 2 changes; we will do our best to keep a stable team when we can, ”he added.

He looked to defend skipper David Warner, who was not at his best in his half century, and said the other guys had hit well but unfortunately 170 was not good enough.

“I think David (Warner) would be the first to admit it. We struggled to close the gaps today and we were horrible on the pitch today. Obviously with David it doesn’t happen that often, but tonight it happened personally a little behind the ball, but the other guys fought really well in a team effort, ”he said. -he declares.

“Unfortunately, 170 was not quite enough, but they played pretty well and obviously hit well,” added Bayliss.

Commenting on the performance of key player Rashid Khan, SRH head coach said: “He usually plays seventh. One later, it doesn’t matter. We appreciate that he took 3 wickets. A before or after wouldn’t have made a big difference.

Of batsman Manish Pandey who failed to qualify for the XI in the last game, Bayliss said “absolutely, the pick of the selector on that wicket, it wasn’t really suitable for stopping and spinning of the ball.

“Then he would come back in the calculations on a counter like this in Delhi. He showed tonight how good a player he is. Hopefully from now on the counters will be. We certainly know how damaging it can be for a player, ”he added.

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