Central part of the short bowling game: MCC Committee

The World Cricket Committee of the Marylebone Cricket Club, the legislators of the game, met recently. Here are the main points covered.

Decision on bouncer by December

A decision on the future of shortball will be made by December of this year, the MCC World Cricket Committee said in a statement. The committee was unanimous that short bowling “is an essential part of the game,” the statement said. While the balance between bat and ball was deemed important, the committee is also in the process of consulting whether greater protection under the rules should be given to junior cricket and lower order batsmen.

Uniform technology for DRS

Committee members debated whether to maintain or remove the appeal of arbitrators for LBW decisions made through the Decision Review System (DRS) and both views would be conveyed to the ICC. For catches outside the 30-meter circle, closer to the limit, the TV referee would be the judge and the on-field referee would give an “ not seen ” signal rather than the “ soft signal. ”. The committee also wanted the ICC to provide uniform technology for DRS, rather than relying on the host broadcaster.

Ban on saliva

The committee decided it was too premature to allow the use of saliva on the ball. The perspective of current players would be taken before deciding whether the rule should be changed in the future. “The committee debated banning the use of saliva on the ball on a permanent basis and, while there was a significant level of support for such a recommendation, some members felt that the elimination of the use of saliva on a permanent basis was premature … “

Host Country Referees

The pandemic led the host nation’s arbitrators to arbitrate and the committee felt this could continue but a balance could be found. A neutral arbiter and a host country arbiter is what was recommended. The Committee was of the opinion that this combination would help referees to travel and gain experience and also allow referees from the host country to officiate at home.

Central TV referee pool

While the neutrality of the TV referee and the match referee was deemed important, cricket could move away from having a TV referee on site. Instead, as in the English Premier League and the National Football League in the United States, the TV referees could be at a central location for all matches.

Disproportionate female games

“There are a number of countries that have not yet played international cricket since the outbreak of Covid-19,” said the committee’s statement. The increased costs of organizing matches and tours were one reason. The committee however decided to discuss the future of women’s cricket in more detail at the next meeting.

World Test C’ship For the next cycle which takes place between 2021 and 2023, a simplified points system, a clear window and better marketing have been suggested.

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