CAB to launch biometric code after 65 players identified with disputed documents

The Bengal Cricket Association decided on Friday to introduce a unique biometric code after 65 players in the state were identified with disputed documents.

Of the 65 players identified, 45 players have been barred from participating until disputes are resolved, the CAB said in a statement.

“The matter has been referred to the ombudsman and other strict measures are in place to ensure a foolproof system. The players will have the opportunity to give their clarifications to the mediator, ”the statement said.

“The CAB also plans to create a unique biometric code for players. We said earlier that there would be a zero tolerance policy on document fraud. Another round of verification processes will take place before the start of the next season, ”said CAB President Avishek Dalmiya.

Secretary Snehashis Ganguly said, “We will not tolerate any contested document in any form. We have put in place detailed measures to nip such an effort in the bud. Other measures are being considered and strict monitoring is maintained on the system to prevent future fraud. Severe measures will be taken against those found guilty. “

The president further offered a room for former Bengal players at the CAB clubhouse, which was universally accepted.

“The players donate their blood and sweat for Bengal and it is imperative that there is a dedicated room for them at the clubhouse,” said Dalmiya.

A room for former members of the Bureau and a reception on the ground floor were also proposed and accepted.

The Apex Council meeting also unanimously accepted the CAB proposal that all players over the age of 18 should be vaccinated before the start of the season.

The CAB would also closely monitor the state’s directive to vaccinate under-18s and, accordingly, to vaccinate cricketers in the age group as the process begins.

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