BCCI will likely only add one IPL team at this time

In December, at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), members approved the addition of two new IPL franchises.

IPL Trophy. (Photo source: IPL / BCCI)

Since the completion of the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the Cricket Control Board of India (BCCI) has been trying to draw plans regarding the changes to the tournament. In the latest development, it was learned that BCCI may limit the cash-rich league to nine teams.

In December, during the Annual General Meeting (AGM), the members agreed to the addition of two new IPL franchises. However, the BCCI is now thinking of being conservative, putting weight on certain issues.

Here are the issues that BCCI wishes to address: –

a) The introduction of a single team will allow BCCI to get better value for the 10th team in the near future. This is because simultaneous auctions have the potential to cap the value under current market conditions.

b) The addition of two teams will force the BCCI to change the entire tournament format. This will mean negotiating with IPL partners when media rights are up for grabs. A nine-team IPL will mean 74 games and BCCI believes that is more doable.

c) When the ICC will be busy deciding its FTP, BCCI is focusing on extending the IPL window by at least one month. This means getting more value from the media rights auction as well as the 10th franchise auction.

d) There are two seasons left before the new IPL rights cycle begins. Therefore, the BCCI does not wish to disrupt the applecart at this time.

e) BCCI, meanwhile, hopes that legalities with Deccan Chargers and Kochi Tuskers Kerala will be sorted out.

Industry leaders in favor of the move

“All in all, it’s a well thought out decision. BCCI will clearly benefit in the short and long term as it will derive better value from the 10th franchise in the future, not really disrupting the ecosystem, for now it gives them more time to put in some order in their own home ”. An industry executive was quoted as saying.

“The idea is also to maintain the quality of the tournament, which means ensuring that quality cricketers are available to form a pool of 10 teams. Now is this the case? The ecosystem can only develop according to talent and workforce. This balance has to exist, ”said those familiar with the development.

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