BCCI considers September window to complete suspended 2021 IPL

Vivo IPL 2021: BCCI is considering the September window to complete the suspended Vivo IPL 2021.

Vivo IPL 2021: Now that the fourteenth edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) has been put on hold on Tuesday, the board and the IPL GC are considering a few opportunities so that the remainder of the season can be completed.

So far, 29 games of the Vivo IPL 2021 have been completed out of the 60 games. BCCI will consider the opportunities to hold the remaining 31 matches of the IPL 2021 and finish the season.

According to reports, the most likely option left to BCCI to lead the remaining games is in the September window later this year.

“A September window is being considered. By then the England-India series would be over and overseas players would be ready for the T20 World Cup. That little window is being explored, ”said a franchise manager who is aware.

BCCI considers September window to complete suspended 2021 IPL

Asked about BCCI’s next step to IPL President Brijesh Patel, he just didn’t deny this small opportunity in September.

“Now we have to look for a window. If we get one, we’ll explore keeping it. We’ll have to see if it’s possible in September. We need to look at the plans of the ICC and other boards, ”said IPL President Brijesh Patel.

Before the decision to suspend IPL was made, the board tasked all stakeholders and IPL franchise owners to take their views. Most owners were in favor of an immediate suspension as the number of covid cases in the bio-bubble increased.

“It’s very unfortunate but it’s a decision that is correct under the current circumstances. I would say that considering the drastic increase in the number of cases over the last two or three weeks, it has brought a new dimension to the planning that was done in the beginning, ”said Ness Wadia, co-owner of Punjab Kings

With the rapid increase in covid-19 cases in India, the T20 World Cup is also uncertain. According to various news organizations, the UAE has been put on hold to host the next T20 World Cup in case India is excluded.

The 2021 T20 World Cup is scheduled for October 18 to November 15 in India.

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BCCI considers September window to complete suspended 2021 IPL

BCCI considers September window to complete suspended 2021 IPL

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