Axar Patel Fills Ravindra Jadeja’s Shoes By Holding On To Her Strength | Cricket News

AHMEDABAD: Axar Patel’s dismissal of Englishman Jonny Bairstow, the Indian left arm spinner, looked a lot like Ravindra Jadeja. Patel, only playing his second test, beat Bairstow on the inside edge for the front leg wicket. The right-handed batsman played for the turn, only to realize that there was no turn. This is something that Jadeja does extremely well at Indian counters where there is a ride.
Jadeja and Patel play a tight line, giving nothing instead of giving the ball round. Jadeja, who has yet to recover from a broken thumb he suffered in Australia, has successfully teamed up with Ashwin over the past eight years of testing cricket in India, helping the team to remain undefeated at home in the test series since 2012-13.

When India last lost a home series, in 2012-13 to England, Jadeja and Ashwin had yet to form a pair with the left arm spinner only making his debut in the last test. drawn from this series. Ashwin and Jadeja won 348 wickets in the 33 tests they played together.
So it’s no surprise that India’s only concern in the bowling department ahead of the England test run is Jadeja’s absence. Its precision, its variations of rhythm and its minimum turn are important assets to confuse the drummers on the wickets which help to turn. Axar Patel, however, has put himself in his place.

Gujarat’s left-arm pitcher picked up his second straight five-wicket shot, a 6/38, Wednesday after 5/60 in the second inning of the second test. Patel maintained a sharp line in both innings of both tests and let the pitch and the batters’ nerves do the rest.
“Axar is good at having one to slip on and one to turn on,” said England first Zak Crawley, who himself fell to Patel as England’s fourth wicket after scoring a half. century.
This created confusion which the English drummers succumbed to. Not only confused by which ball to play and which to ignore, but where to play, front or back.

Former Indian spinner Maninder Singh believes Patel and Jadeja know their limits and it serves them well.
“The similarity between Jadeja and Axar Patel is that they know their strengths. They don’t go out of their way to do things that they don’t know. They know what their abilities are and their limitations. They both know that “They can’t. Classic spin bowl of using flight etc. This (knowing their limits) is their greatest strength and that’s the most important thing,” Maninder told IANS.
“They know what they can do and they stick with it.” The 55-year-old former spinner says having a trainer like Ravi Shastri who, too, has played within his limits, has helped.
“If you see Shastri’s staff, he would mark the hips, with blows, but avoid cover. Only after he hit a century, he would try that. Otherwise he would stay away. Ravi knew his strengths and knew the blanket. driving was not his strength. Likewise, these two boys (Jadeja and Patel) know their strengths, “he said. On Wednesday Patel said he remained loyal to a wicket line at the counter because there was nothing else to do.

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