Adelaide 2018 to Gabba 2021: Rohit Sharma, unrepentant, makes the bet and pays the price

“Why Rohit? Why? ”It was the buzzword on social media on Saturday morning after India’s opener called off its start and gave Australia a snort during Gabba’s test. Sharma tried to ‘face Nathan Lyon, who was playing his 100th test, but accidentally made a mistake and skied a hold in the outfield to Mitchell Starc, who has been running for a long time and took a slippery hold.

How many times have we seen him do this in Test Cricket? Take a start, get ready, then throw his wicket with an outrageous blow. It’s a bet he takes to destabilize Lyon, that’s fine but surely there was a better option available.

Before that moment, Sharma (44) and number three Cheteshwar Pujara combined to drop the total from 11 to 60 and were starting to gain the upper hand over the Australian bowlers before Lyon hit.

Considering the situation of the match, where Sharma had negotiated the difficult opening phase and in fact crossed a limit in the more forward and one in the more of Lyon as well.

So if the question arises as to why he opted for the risky shot when he was in total control at such a point in the match can only have one answer – bad shot selection, the insatiable urge to put pressure on the bowler, and probably a little brain freeze.

Lyon vs Rohit

We must also pay tribute to the bowler who attracted him with his takeoff and beautifully foxed him. There was an outfielder in the depths for this shot. Rohit didn’t mind taking the spinner but totally misinterpreted it.

Interestingly, Lyon sacked Rohit while playing in Australia six times. He also got rid of Rohit in both innings of a test match on two occasions.

Circa 2018

In Adelaide’s test between India and Australia in 2018, Sharma played a similar blow. Striking with a well-tuned Pujara, and the 80/4 scorecard in the opening rounds of the first Test, Sharma attempted to destabilize Lyon and hit a six which was almost caught by Marcus Harris in deep quad.

On the next ball himself, Rohit tried again and succumbed to reducing India to 86/5. A similar blow to Gabba, where he comes out to use his feet, then tries to sweep that over a deep square leg, and the skier got caught by the outfielder. Once again he was given the chance to build his sleeves.


After his dismissal, Channel 7 Cricket’s Gavaskar questioned the “irresponsible shot” of “senior” batsman Rohit Sharma.

“Why? Why? Why? It’s an amazing photo. It’s irresponsible shooting. There’s a long-range outfielder there, there’s a defender there on square foot. You just hit a limit. few deliveries earlier, why would you play this shot? You are a senior player, there is no excuse, absolutely no excuse for this shot, “Gavaskar said while on the air during day 2 of the test of Gabba in progress.

“A useless window, a useless window offered. Completely unnecessary, ”Gavaskar added.

Here are some other reactions to his dismissal –

Before the fourth test, Sharma had given a hint of his intentions when he told ANI,

The series is tied 1-1 and India only needs a draw to keep the Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

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