5 times players weren’t respected by IPL teams

There have been instances where a feud between a player and an IPL franchise ultimately caused a huge ordeal.

Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle. (Photo by MANAN VATSYAYANA / AFP / GettyImages)

The Indian Premier League (IPL) which is the best T20 competition in the world has always been an alluring event for players around the world and has always enjoyed appearances from the elites who play the game.

The competition in its early days was well known for maintaining the presence of the greats who ruled the game and continues to this day to relish the availability and involvement of modern legends.

However, at times in this overwhelming arrangement, there have been instances where a feud between a player and an IPL franchise ultimately resulted in a huge ordeal in which it was the player who mostly faced maximum heat by being on the far end. of the receiver.

Over the years, even the game’s most accomplished envoys have suffered a sort of derision from these IPL teams and yet happily preferred to continue playing IPL.

With the rich flourishing history of the IPL in mind, here are 5 occurrences where players were not respected by IPL teams

1. Omission of David Warner in the game XI after losing his captain position (IPL 2021)

David warner
David Warner. (Photo source: IPL / BCCI)

David Warner, who has often been SRH’s biggest points aggregator since the 2016 IPL, recently received a red card from SRH management for both his captain position and his appearance in the game’s XI. The SRH team under Warner had lost five of their first six games and were grappling with choosing their best four slots for overseas players.

Now, according to statements from the SRH think tank, Warner’s omission of both captain and batsman was primarily sought to find a good team balance in the game XI, as SRH was struggling with his mid-level stick. Also with players like Rashid Khan, Kane williamson and Jonny Bairstow already brimming with their overall rich form, it was David Warner who had to sacrifice his place in the game’s XI.

Despite two scores of two half centuries with an average of over 30, Warner was ultimately forced into a prolonged omission even though the new team suit did not achieve the desired results. However, for fans and many cricketing experts, Warner’s omission seemed a bit confusing, as the opening partnership between him and Jonny Bairstow produced strong starts at the top for the team.

Overall, regardless of whether Warner’s omission seems logical, many fans have been seen sympathizing with David Warner and found his dismissal to be utterly disrespectful. With Warner also being the biggest game winner for the franchise since 2016, the whole affair has become the bitterest pill to swallow inside the SRH camp.

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