5 rivals on the pitch who were once teammates

One wonders what happens when a pair of rivals represent the same team.

Virat Kohli and Steve Smith. (Photo source: Twitter)

Cricket is widely regarded as the ‘gentleman’s game ‘. With multiple personalities shaping the image of the game, cricket has become a symbol of generosity and sportsmanship. Figures like Rahul Dravid and Steve Waugh have become global ambassadors for the game and people have started to follow them as their idols.

Over time, the flavor of the game has changed. Do you remember Sourav Ganguly stripping off his jersey in revenge when the Indian team won Natwest’s iconic final at Lord’s in 2002? Well, that marked the start of a spicy rivalry in cricket.

Since then, fans have witnessed several rivalries that have shaped a particular series. One of the most famous examples is Shane Warne’s battle against Kevin pietersen. With the involvement of T20 cricket, the tension has increased dramatically between players and the frequency of new rivalries in the circuit has increased.

Luge has become an important arsenal to distract the opposition and this sometimes results in heated arguments. However, one might wonder what happens when a pair of rivals represent the same team. Well, it has already happened! After all, it is cricket.

Here are the 5 rivals on the pitch who were once teammates:

1. Steven Smith and Eoin Morgan

Steve Smith and Eoin Morgan
ODI Captains Steve Smith and Eoin Morgan pose for a photo. (Photo by Darrian Traynor / Getty Images)

Two of the oldest cricketing nations will have a rivalry. Australia and England have been the torchbearers of other cricket nations to lead the way towards establishing cricket on other grounds. Fast forward to the 1975 World Cup, the business sector in cricket was pushed and as a result there was a series of rivalries in world cricket.

One of the fiercest rivalries in world cricket is England and Australia. In the current generation, the Australia-The rivalry in England revolves around two players. The Australian team is represented by Steven Smith and the English team by Eoin Morgan. Smith is widely regarded as one of the best drummers of this generation.

With an ODI average of 43.35, the Australian batting order is running around Smith. Talk about Morgan. He has an ODI average of 39.37 and is the English skipper. Well, fans got to watch them together when they saw them both represent the same team – the Royal Challengers Bangalore.

On the field, the batsmen are both rivals, and off the field, it is the men that we would admire. The rivalry between Australia and England dates back to the 1800s. For fans, healthy competition with a small amount of sledding does the trick for entertainment. Therefore, Smith and Morgan’s rivalry is on this list.

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