5 great players whose form concerns their teams

Here is a list of five of those players whose forms have become a glaring concern for their teams.

Eoin Morgan. (Photo source: Twitter)

the IPL 2021 has so far been a big swing as the teams playing in Chennai have struggled to score points while the teams playing in Mumbai have produced a plethora of big scores at a steady pace. This oxymoron event was therefore an enthralling affair for the fans, as almost every IPL game produced very close encounters, especially the ones in Chennai were very exciting.

With such dramatic variance, there was also a drastic impact on the forms of some elite players, who due to complex match situations failed to deliver as expected. While some of them were obnoxious due to the atrocious match conditions, others were seen as reckless in their approach.

Their loss-making performances have put their franchises in trouble and it is only a matter of time when their bona fide establishments in the game XI could be called into question.

Here is the list of 5 of these players whose forms concern their teams:

1. Hardik Pandya

Hardik pandya
Hardik Pandya. (Photo: Sandip Mahankal / IANS)

There is no doubt that Hardik Pandya’s explosive strike has been a bit ambiguous lately, as the pre-IPL cricketer has been seen struggling in the T20I five-game series against England. The false pitches at the Ahmedabad stadium had prevented Hardik from playing his own through the line firepower shots and as a result the impressive hit rate from his flammable stick was missing, especially at the end.

This has been a scenario even in the MI camp, as junior Pandya struggles to push his team up to those high winning totals. Besides Kieron Pollard, MI’s lower middle order has largely failed in all of its four games and someone like Hardik Pandya is a vital cog in that middle order.

Chepauk’s slow wickets disintegrated Hardik to play his natural punches and with confusing conditions he struggled with his timing. Although aside from AB de Villiers almost every other hitter has felt the dense heat of Chennai’s horrific wickets, with Hardik’s stick able to judge the right balls to hit crucial limits the cricketer must find ways smart to score races.

At least with the spinners now infused into the game’s undead, few of their half-volleys or short deliveries can be secured by Hardik as a gift to get the ball into the stands. Scores of 13, 15, 7.0 surely require vigorous resolution from Hardik, as MI will play a lot more on similar tracks. Overall, to continue as a bona fide batsman on the team, Hardik surely needs to improve the ways to make crucial contributions to his team.

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